About Vemak

Established in 2003, Vemak has established pipelines at world standards in Turkey and in the surrounding countries throughout its successful history and has become a company highly preferred by its customers. What lies behind the success Vemak has attained is a customer-oriented management approach which puts the quality in the centre of its business.

Vemak has successfully fulfilled its commitments thanks to its staff number of which is approximately one thousand, its technical competence, strong equipment pool and financial structure.

Vemak is an active member of the International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association (“IPLOCA”). Along with the pipeline projects, it successfully conducts activities in the mining sector.

Our Mission

To be a pioneering and preferred firm in its sector and in innovation by fully and impeccably completing the projects in contracting, construction, machinery and mining sectors in which we operate in compliance with technical specifications and legal regulations

Our Vission

To be leader, reliable and preferred firm in national level as well as in international level with the participation employees and without compromising the quality management system in changing times and conditions for our customer.

  • Providing service to its customers in variable times and conditions without making concessions from its Quality Management System,
  • Carrying out the works perfectly in line with contracts, technical specifications and legal regulations,
  • Constituting a continuous power which is useful for our country and society,
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and personnel satisfaction,
  • Improving the system continuously with the participation of all employees,
  • Being a construction company which is a leading and preferred company in the sector.

Our Company Aims